Hire our virtual assistant

What we offer: virtual assistants

Conversational approach

Our flow builder creates highly personalized time-based conversations!

Multichannel delivery

Your virtual assistant integrates with the channel of your choice: mobile, ESNs, messaging platforms, …

Detailed real-time analytics

We offer a detailed view of achievements, costs, and quality of conversations

Self-paced assessment

Our engine engages with the end-user whenever (s)he wants!

Personalized to your preferences

Our assessment paths are adapted to your personal preferences!

Up-to-date content

We create granular, structured collections of content

“Quality means doing it right when no one is watching”

Henry Ford

What you gain

Ease of use

Our integrations work like a charm and your knowledge and assessments are only 1 click away.


We save you valuable development and learning time, and lots of money in the process!

Data and insights

You get real-time insights on progression, status, and savings.

Enhanced compliance

Our virtual assistant adjusts knowledge and behavior with short interventions.

“If you think compliance is expensive, try non-compliance”

Former U.S. Deputy Attorney General Paul McNulty

Our team


Patrick Belpaire

Co-founding designer


Frank Salliau

Co-founding data scientist


Tom De Nies

Co-founding developer


Mathias Vermeulen

Co-founding marketeer