What we offer

What features do you offer?

  • A content library: granular & didactically structured collections of questions and content chunks in a variety of formats
  • Flow builder: build highly personalized time-based conversations
  • Multichannel: through your channel of choice (SMS, e-mail, web, app, messenger, voice assistant, …)
  • Top-of-mind dashboard: detailed view of achievements, costs, and quality of conversations/content; visual, real-time
  • Integrated and embedded: API’s connect to your data, conversations adapt to the context
  • GDPR compliant: users can view and erase their profile and history data at any time.

What are conversations?

  • Conversations are flows through the content. They are triggered by the platform (impulses) or the user (intents). That means they are based on a defined (human) and/or learned (machine) logic.
  • Conversations can be designed in many ways. They can be textual, short and dry, or compelling, visual and spread over a longer period of time. They can be also context-based (E.g. based on location, tasks or performance).
  • Conversations adapt to changes in content. New procedures might be delivered to different persons at different moments.

Our content experts will set up the processes required to connect your corporate content with the conversational flows and your corporate objectives.

Why do we use it?